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Bubble Construction Design Challenge

Check out this fun ‘Bubble Construction Design Challenge’ activity from Family Science & Engineering! We have officially entered summer! Yippee! The summer solstice arrived officially at 8:31 PM (PT) on […]

A Shocking Anniversary

According to fellow scientist, Joseph Priestly, Ben Franklin performed his famous kite experiment in June 1752. Franklin had been interested in “electric fire” for quite a while and had an on-going dialogue […]

Educator Position Openings | Hope High School

Hope High School in Hope, Arkansas has several teacher positions open. Please contact the principal, Bill Hoglund, at bill.hoglund@hpsdistrict.org or 870-777-3451 ext 60. There are also the following full-time educator positions available: […]

Heber Springs CS Educator Position Opening

Heber Springs High School in Heber Springs, Arkansas has a 9-12 Computer Science teacher position available. For more information about open positions, please visit the school’s district position opening webpage […]