Computers ARe Fun Video Series | ADE Office of Computer Science

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Office of Computer Science is pleased to announce the launch of the “Computers ARe Fun” video series. This series of videos, which will be released throughout the Summer of 2021, are intended for younger viewers, typically Pre-K – 5th grade, and will help children understand the basics of computers, including introductory computer literacy, some coding, low level hardware discussions, and appropriate cybersecurity and internet security topics. In addition, the series will share information about computer science and computing careers in a fun way.

Videos within the series will be posted to the ADE YouTube page in the “Computers ARe Fun” playlist as they are made available at

Episode 1, “What is a computer?” has been posted and is available today!

While the first episode is more of an introduction to the series, subsequent episodes will delve into various computer science and computing topics. Some of the content shared will be accessible online, but much of it will focus on unplugged activities that children can explore with their family without the use of computing devices.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to get involved in the creation of a “Computers ARe Fun” video for this summer, please reach out to [email protected].