Learning Blade is grant funded supplemental STEM and Computer Science curriculum

Learning Blade is a grant funded supplemental STEM curriculum through the department of education at no cost to schools. The program offers lessons over a variety of topics such as: Hack Attack, Dolphin Rescue, Energy Sources, and 10 other exciting STEM programs. It is also totally customizable allowing you to pick and choose which lessons, topics, or missions to cover. The full website can be found here. See the example of the Hack Attack Mission dedicated to computer science below regarding the issue–What would you do if your school were hacked?  In addition, there are about 100 online lessons pertaining to computer science Tools and Teammates or careers in the Learning Blade system to help students understand the importance and the connections between technology and the core curriculum.  All lessons are aligned to the state standards.

Highlighted occupations are aligned to the Careers in the Learning Blade system so students can study the particular careers of interest to them which may also have high skill, high wage and high demand opportunities. A link the spreadsheet can be found here.

If you are interested in implementing this exciting new program in to your classroom go to the signup page here. Once you get started with an account you can find a starting guide under the “Resources” tab. A helpful training video can be found here.

Take a look at this quick introductory video for Learning Blade

For more information or training and school account info please contact Ray Henson:

[email protected]