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    Our vision is that Arkansas is a state with a strong, stable economy where people have lifelong access to high-quality STEM education and where employers are able to fill their STEM-related job openings with Arkansans who have the education, skills, and knowledge they need to be successful.

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    The Arkansas STEM Coalition is the statewide hub of STEM information, created through a robust partnership of leaders from the corporate, education, government, and community sectors.

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    Our unique programs include STEM grants for schools, the Arkansas STEM Ecosystem, Think Tanks, and more!

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    Check out the cool STEM resources we have compiled for businesses, educators, students, and parents.

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Featured Programs

2024 Eclipse

Learn more about The STEM Coalition’s initiative to give FREE eclipse glasses to every Arkansas public school, plus find out about eclipse events in the state.

STEM Ecosystem

The Arkansas STEM Ecosystem includes businesses, educational institutions, government entities, community organizations, and individuals that are working together to promote STEM education and activities throughout Arkansas.


Excellence in STEM Education Grants

Each year, the Arkansas STEM Coalition partners with the Arkansas Committed to Education Foundation to grant thousands of dollars in STEM equipment and training to Arkansas schools.

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