Scott Charter School Students Create ‘Out of this World’ Museum

KATV has a video and nice article on the amazing job that students in the Scott Charter School’s STEM program did in creating an astronomy museum.

Schools across the country are fighting for funding for science, technology, and math programs, but one Arkansas school is proving you don’t need a big budget to teach big concepts.

Dr. Constance Meadors meets with a dozen students an hour a day after classes, as part of Scott Charter School’s STEM program. This year, the group wanted to inspire kids outside the program, so they set about creating a museum. They had no funding – so they built their own equipment and asked for loans from universities.

Walking into the Scott Charter School Astronomy Museum, you might think these astronomy exhibits were put together by high schoolers or even college students. But this museum is the brain child of 3rd through 6th graders and their teacher.

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