Math and science can be hard subjects for some students. For others, it just comes naturally. Whether you love these subjects and want to learn more, or you are having trouble and need some help, this is the place for you. No matter what your ability, we know you always need some encouragement… and sometimes, just a break.

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Student News

UA Fayetteville Stem Center (CMASE) 2019 Health Sciences Leadership Career Tech Day (Public Schools - Grade 8 only)

The UA STEM Center for Mathematics and Science Education is seeking 100 public school 8th-grade students for our Health Sciences Leadership Career Tech Day.  This event is free, but registration closes on Friday, March 22nd.  After students…

Girls Who Code SIP-Have a time conflict or transportation concern?-PLEASE READ

The Summer Immersion Program application deadline has been extended until March 25. Many 10th and 11th grade girls who have applied for the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program that is being offered in Arkansas for the first time this…

Girls Who Code - Summer Instructor Position

Any teachers who may be interested in an instructor position this summer with the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, please click the following link to apply If…