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STEM Activity: Sea-ing Your Way Across

Have you ever dreamed of crossing the ocean and exploring the mysteries of the sea? Well, here is your chance! Follow the fun steps below and “sea” if you have what it takes to invent your way across the water while trying not to bump into (or step on) sea life! Original Source: National Inventors […]

Bubble Construction Design Challenge

Check out this fun ‘Bubble Construction Design Challenge’ activity from Family Science & Engineering! We have officially entered summer! Yippee! The summer solstice arrived officially at 8:31 PM (PT) on Sunday, June 20. (Check out some fun facts and folklore about the summer solstice.) Time for some fun, summer-related science & engineering activities! When I think […]

A Shocking Anniversary

According to fellow scientist, Joseph Priestly, Ben Franklin performed his famous kite experiment in June 1752. Franklin had been interested in “electric fire” for quite a while and had an on-going dialogue with other scientists of his day about the phenomenon. His famous key experiment established that lightning was a form of electricity. There are a couple […]

Educator Position Openings | Hope High School

Hope High School in Hope, Arkansas has several teacher positions open. Please contact the principal, Bill Hoglund, at bill.hoglund@hpsdistrict.org or 870-777-3451 ext 60. There are also the following full-time educator positions available: Economics Self-Contained: SPED Leadership Health Spanish History Please send resumes to: Donald.Patton@hpsdistrict.org or sheila.hopson@hpsdistrict.org or tisha.hunter@hpsdistrict.org. Please bear in mind that our previous announcement for a 1/2 Business, 1/2 […]

Computers ARe Fun Video Series | ADE Office of Computer Science

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Office of Computer Science is pleased to announce the launch of the “Computers ARe Fun” video series. This series of videos, which will be released throughout the Summer of 2021, are intended for younger viewers, typically Pre-K – 5th grade, and will help children understand the basics of computers, […]

Congratulations to Winners of the State Coding Competition & CS Educator of the Year!

Gov. Hutchinson Announces Winners of State Coding Competition 2021 Arkansas Computer Science Educator of the Year Also Announced Little Rock — Gov. Asa Hutchinson is pleased to announce the winners of the Fifth Annual Governor’s All-State Coding Competition, which was held this past weekend at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Donaghey Student Center. […]


Computer Science Teacher Position Opening

Conway Public Schools as well as Crossett High School is currently in search of a Computer Science Teacher. If you or someone you know has the 528 certification, is enthusiastic about Computer Science, and has an interest in or willingness to learn Programming and Networking/Hardware, we encourage you to apply. Please help build the Computer […]