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NASA Connects

We invite you to join NASA CONNECTS! You can join as a formal K-12 educator or as a professional in the informal education (out-of-school time) field. If you have a Gateway account, click the button below to log in through NASA Gateway, then register to join NASA CONNECTS. If you do not have a NASA […]

The Arkansas STEM Coalition Thanks Arkansas Children’s Hospital & eSCO Processing and Recycling

The Arkansas STEM Coalition received 110 television monitors from Arkansas Children’s  Hospital to support student learning in STEM Education, Science, Technology, Engineering, and  Mathematics, for schools throughout Arkansas.  The Arkansas STEM Coalition will distribute monitors in September and October to each of the  12 University STEM Centers in Arkansas and each of the 15 Educational […]


Innovation in Computer Science School Grant Program for 2020/2021 – Winners Announcement

The Arkansas Department of Education Office of Computer Science is pleased to announce the winners of our Innovation in Computer Science School Grant Program announced via Commissioner’s Memo COM-21-055 on December 10, 2020 https://adecm.ade.arkansas.gov/ViewApprovedMemo.aspx?Id=4621. The following 16 schools were selected from a total of 30 applicants, based on proposals that indicated efforts to expand their […]

Girls Who Code Swage

We’re so excited to bring back one of our most popular incentive programs. This 2021-22 school year, Clubs are eligible to receive free Girls Who Code swag once three or more students are enrolled on HQ!   How can you get free Girls Who Code swag? Step 1: Start your Club at girlswhocode.com/clubsapply. Step 2: Enroll three or more students on  […]


Storyteller – Help Shape the Future of STEM

The unCommission is a massive, diverse, and participatory experience that will determine the next set of transformative goals for preK-12 STEM education. We are bringing together hundreds of young people across the country, with a focus on those most excluded from STEM opportunity, to share their personal experiences and stories about science, engineering, technology and […]

STEM Activity: Sea-ing Your Way Across

Have you ever dreamed of crossing the ocean and exploring the mysteries of the sea? Well, here is your chance! Follow the fun steps below and “sea” if you have what it takes to invent your way across the water while trying not to bump into (or step on) sea life! Original Source: National Inventors […]

Bubble Construction Design Challenge

Check out this fun ‘Bubble Construction Design Challenge’ activity from Family Science & Engineering! We have officially entered summer! Yippee! The summer solstice arrived officially at 8:31 PM (PT) on Sunday, June 20. (Check out some fun facts and folklore about the summer solstice.) Time for some fun, summer-related science & engineering activities! When I think […]