The Arkansas Network of STEM Centers serves to enrich the knowledge and teaching practices of teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics by:

  • Linking institutions of higher education to K-12 public schools, educational service cooperatives, and businesses.
  • Providing services and resources for teachers, administrators, and students.

The Centers work to keep the public informed and offer implementation assistance as it relates to trends in education.

Professional Development and Technical Assistance Opportunities

  • Common Core State Standards Prep
  • Curriculum Mapping and Alignment for Common core State Standards Instruction and Assessment
  • Preparing Students for ACTAAP Testing
  • K – 12 Vertical Alignment of Topics / Technology
  • Inquiry-based & Problem-based Instruction in Science and Mathematics
  • Development of Performance Assessments and the Use of Rubrics
  • Analyzing ACTAAP, NAEP, TIMSS and PISA Test Data
  • Math/Science Coaches Training
  • Technology Professional Development
  • Custom Designed Programs to Meet the Needs of Individual Schools
  • Student Enrichment Programs
  • School Improvement Planning
  • Technical Assistance: Instructional Technology, Data Analysis, Curriculum Implementation
  • Science Classroom/Laboratory Safety
  • Effective Use of Math Manipulatives and Science Equipment
  • Parental Involvement & Family Math/Science/Literacy Nights

The percentage of people age 25 and over with a bachelor’s degree in a science or engineering field.

Find the STEM Center you need below

Arkansas State University-
East Arkansas Community College
ASU Delta STEM Education Center
Dr. Cynthia Miller, Director
Center for Excellence in Education
P.O. Box 2338
State University, AR 72467-2338
Phone: (870) 680-8016 (W) ; (870) 897-5124 (C)
Fax: (870) 972-3559
Math Specialist-Dianne Bounds (870) 217-9572
Science Specialist-Linda Kellim (870) 217-9571

Arkansas State University
ASU Rural STEM Education Center
Dr. Julie Grady, Director
P.O. Box 2350
State University, AR 72467-2338
Phone: (870) 680-8100 (W)
Fax: (870) 972-3559
Math Specialist- Dr. Danita Gibson (870) 240-5927
Science Specialist-Debby Rogers (870) 637-2944

Arkansas Tech University
STEM Center
Bruce Lazurus – Director
Corley Building
1811 North Boulder Ave.
Russellville, AR, 72801-2222
Phone: (479) 968-0331
Fax: (479)968-0677
Math Specialist: Sarah Burnett (479) 880-4323
Science Specialist-Terri Frost (479) 880-4323

Harding University
Center for Mathematics and Science Education
Dr. Tony Finley, Director
Dr. Allen Henderson, Asst. Director
Box 12254
Searcy, AR 72149
Phone: (501) 279-4242 or (501) 279-4167(asst)
Fax: (501) 279-5717

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Math Specialist-Tim Brister (501) 279-4621
Science Specialist-Ben Carrigan (501) 279-5854

Henderson State University
The STEM Center at Henderson State University
Ms. Betty Ramsey, Director
Box 7663 / 1100 Henderson Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001
Phone: (870) 230-5417
Fax: (870) 230-5099

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Math Specialist-Deanna Dennis (870) 230-5417
Science Specialist-Greg Wertenberger (870) 230-5417

Southern Arkansas University
Southern Arkansas University STEM Center for K-12 Education
Dr. Scott R. White, Director
P.O. Box 9181
Magnolia, AR 71754
Phone: (870) 235-4278
Fax: (870) 235-4936
Math Specialist- No Contact Available at this time
Science Specialist-Susan Johnson (870)814-6151

University of Arkansas
STEM Center for Math and Science Education
NASA Educator Resource Center
Ms. Lynne H. Hehr, Director
346 N. West Avenue, #202
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 575-3875
Fax: (479) 575-5680

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Math Specialist-Teresa Ellis-Stevenson(479) 575-3875
Science Specialist-Shawn Bell (479) 575-3875

University of Arkansas at Fort Smith
Institute for Math and Science Education
Ms. Darlynn Cast, Director
College of Education
5210 Grand Avenue/Box 3649
Fort Smith, AR 72913
Phone: (479) 788-7257 or 788-7244
Fax: (479) 426-6244
Math Specialist-Angie Jennings (479) 788-7790
Science Specialist-Stephen Brodie (479) 788-7248

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Arkansas Partner for STEM Education
Dr. Ann Robinson, Director
College of Education, Dickinson Hall 300
2801 South University
Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: (501) 569-3410
Fax: (501) 569-8242

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Math Instructional Specialist-Karen Rivers (501) 569-8062
Science Instructional Specialist-Keith Harris (501) 569-8149

University of Arkansas at Monticello
Ms. Wanda Jackson, Director
UAM Box 3608, Willard Hall
Monticello, AR 71656
Phone: (870) 460-1667
Fax: (870) 460-1563

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Math Specialist- Debbie Morrison (870) 460-1473
Science Specialist- Terri Smith (870) 460-1613